New Calendar, Same Old Questions

January 11th, 2016

As the holiday season closes and we embark upon a new year, do you find yourself looking look back at your company’s 2015 performance and asking yourself, “What if …?”

What if everyone who should have paid you had actually paid you?

What if that problem customer had been dealt with before he ran his account even higher?

For your new year’s resolution, don’t just sit and wonder. Take charge of the situation. And where better to start than with a call to Marrs & Henry?

At Marrs & Henry, we can review your problematic commercial accounts receivable to see whether some of them can be salvaged, so that what you didn’t get in 2015 might yet materialize in 2016.

And we can work with your staff to train them in the basic forms and procedures needed to stay on top of your customer accounts, to assure that you get paid the next time around – this time maybe without even needing a lawyer’s help!

Whether or not you met your business and personal financial goals in 2015, there will always be the question, “Could we have done better?” With our help, you can still hope to make 2015 pay off better – and better still, you can look forward to future years with fewer uncollected receivables.